COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

We hope all of our delegates, past and future, are keeping well during this unprecedented time for the healthcare profession. In recent months, the OCORC Clinical Team have been joining the fight against COVID-19, whilst continuing to look forward to the OCORC 2021 course.

After significant planning, careful consideration and extensive discussion amongst the executive committee of the Oxford Comprehensive Orthopaedic Review Course 2021, we have decided to proceed with our plans to run an in-person course as with previous years. This will offer delegates the best feasible experience for hands-on examination practice with real patients (taking into account the relevant PPE measures), world-class examiners and learn from some of the best lecturers in the country.

We did consider the possibility of running the course as a live lecture course online. However, due to the risk of our lectures and seminars being recorded (which happened with previous Miller Courses), this is not a possible option. Whilst topics are updated and revised year on year with the literature, we would be unable to protect our lecturer’s academic property sufficiently if the course was to run virtually.

Should travel plans be compromised closer to the time, due to further issues associated with COVID-19, resulting in course cancellation, we will ensure all delegates receive a full refund (if the guidance from their national ministries advises them against foreign travel). Our terms and conditions have been updated to reflect this.

We will be sending out an email to all delegates currently booked on to our course in due course to update them about this decision, and hope to welcome many more delegates from around the globe to Oxford this coming January.

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