Course Sponsors

Gold Sponsor – Acumed

Acumed is a global leader for over 30 years in developing innovative orthopaedic solutions designed to improve patient care.

All our actions stay true to the Acumed mission of aiding the afflicted through the ingenuity of our minds, the labour of our hands and the compassion of our hearts.


Silver Sponsor – Ovidius Medical with CarboFix Orthopedics

CarboFix nails and plates are made of continuous carbon fiber reinforced polymer. The polymer (PEEK) adhere the fibers together. The continuous carbon fibers are layered in a uni-directional, longitudinal orientation, as well as in a helical/diagonal orientation These materials make the CarboFix implants radiolucent, which is beneficial for pre-op planning, during surgery and for follow-up.

The composite material enables MRI and CT scan with no, or minimal artifacts for better soft-tissue visualisation. The use of CarboFix enables radiation therapy with little to no backscattering and an improved modulus of elasticity means better bone compatibility, less stress risers and faster healing.