Nick Riley Confirmed for 2024 Programme

Nick Riley Photo Arms Crossed, Facing Camera

Nick is a Consultant Hand and Wrist Surgeon at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and practices privately from The Manor Hospital, Oxford.  

He offers management of hand and wrist problems to both adults and children. His practice is diverse reflecting the varied nature of hand conditions; he treats carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon conditions, dupuytren’s disease, hand and wrist fractures, scaphoid nonunion, and arthritis of the hand and wrist. 

Nick has been lecturing on the Miller Course for the past 6-years and has won best lecturer on two occasions. He is always in the top-5 spot. He believes in clear-to-understand teaching and has been praised for his engaging style which the audience find easy to understand and retain. He has several useful revision tips for making even complex topics easy to understand and retain.